Measuring Open-source Database Systems under TPC-C Benchmark with Unreported Settings

As part of the Measuring Research Prototypes under Unreported Settings my proposal under the mentorship of Yang Wang and Miao YU aims to understand the impact of missing settings in artifact evaluation.

The project plans to measure the impact of different missing settings for open-source database systems, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL particularly under the TPC-C Benchmark. The objective requires to run experiments on popular settings that are not reported and fix any problems during the experiments for the target systems. The project will compare the performance characteristics, and analyze the impact of missing settings on the performance of the target systems.

Xueyuan Ren
Xueyuan Ren
Ph.D. Student, The Ohio State University

Xueyuan Ren is a PhD student advised by Dr. Yang Wang. His research interests are in transaction processing and performance analysis of database systems.