DirtViz 2.0

DirtViz is a project to visualize data collected from sensors deployed in sensor networks. We have deployed a number of sensors measuring qualities like soil moisture, temperature, current and voltage in outdoor settings. This project involves extending our existing visualization stack, DirtViz 1.0 (see github), and expanding it to version 2.0. The project goal is to create a fully-fledged dataviz tool tailored to the types of data collected from embedded systems sensor networks.

Visualize Sensor Data

Specific tasks:

  • Refine our web-based visualization tools to easily allow users to zoom in on date ranges, change axes, etc.
  • Create a system for remote collaborators/citizen scientists to upload their own data in a secure manner
  • Craft an intuitive navigation system so that data from deployment sites around the world can be easily viewed
  • Document the tool thoroughly for future maintenance
  • If interested, we are also open to you investigating correlations between different data streams and doing self-directed data analysis