DirtViz is a project to visualize data collected from sensors deployed in sensor networks. We have deployed a number of sensors measuring qualities like soil moisture, temperature, current and voltage in outdoor settings. This project involves extending (or replacing) our existing plotting scripts to create a fully-feledged dataviz tool tailored to the types of data collected from embedded systems sensor networks.

Visualize Sensor Data

  • Topics: Data Visualization, Analytics
  • Skills: javascript, python, bash, webservers, git, embedded systems
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
  • Size 175 hours
  • Mentor: Colleen Josephson
  • Develop set of visualization tools (ideally web based) that easily allows users to zoom in on date ranges, change axes, etc.
  • Document the tool thoroughly for future maintenance
  • If interested, we are also interested in investigating correlations between different data streams