The 1-Minute Pitch


Open source research efforts within the University of California face many challenges, including

  • Educating students to be productive in open source projects
  • Revealing the value of open source to the UC system
  • Broadening engagement with industry, government, and foundations

Led by Carlos Maltzahn and Stephanie Lieggi the OSPO is

  • Developing a “marketplace” of open source software projects across the UC system and associated national labs that brings mentors, students, sponsors, and open source stakeholders together
  • Establishing a postdoctoral “incubator fellowship” which will enable fellows to grow communities around their research prototypes
  • Organizing a yearly undergraduate “Open Source Research Experience”, a UC-wide mentor organization that works with Google Summer of Code and other global outreach efforts and engages with industry, government, and foundation sponsorships
  • Creating partnerships with innovative open source teaching initiatives inside and outside the UC system



AMA Session for 2023 Summer of Reproducibility and OSRE Mentors
Drop in and ask us questions about this summer program starting at 10:30am Pacific Time on January 26, 2023. Take a look at info about these programs on this website or watch one of the earlier videos. We will give a brief overview of the program and discuss the benefits of being a Summer of Reproducibility mentor, a joint program with the NSF-funded Repeto Project.
Creating a ROS 2 Open Source Distribution
The Robot Operating System (now ROS 2) is an open source middleware for operating robots. Similarly to Linux, Kubernetes, or OpenStack, ROS 2 has grown to be so complex that building ROS 2 from scratch has become impossible for most users. Join us for the presentation by Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle (Univ. Erlangen / Bayave GmbH) on Wednesday, January 11 at 1:30pm PT, UC Santa Cruz, Engineering-2, Room 506 (hybrid event).
Register for the 2023 Summer of Reproducibility (SoR) Mentor Info Session
Watch the recording of this past event where we give a brief overview of the program and discuss the benefits of being an Summer of Reproducibility mentor, a joint program of the NSF-funded Repeto Project and the 2023 Open Source Research Experience (OSRE 2023). The session was immediately followed by an introduction in the general OSRE program.
Register for the OSRE 2023 Mentor Info Session
We will give a brief overview of the program and discuss the benefits of being an OSRE mentor. Join us on December 13 at 10am Pacific Time. Registration is now open. We will be asking a number of our mentors the OSRE 2022 program to join in the discussion to share their experiences and we will also highlight the changes in the 2023 program aimed at making the OSRE even more rewarding for both mentors and students.
Mentoring FARR Fellow Milad Hakimshafaei
Incubator Fellow and PolyPhy Project Lead Oskar Elek and Stephanie Lieggi, executive director for OSPO and the Center for Research in Open Source Software, Hakimshafaei will develop an interface built off of an existing web-based AI generator that will allow the end user to control the system’s behavior to generate interesting and unique patterns.